Mark Cargill

Field(s) of Practice:   family

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Law Firm: Cargill and Associates
Address (cont'd): 
City: Palestine
State: TX
Website: n/a

Attorney Ratings

    Experienced:    2 /5
    Aggressiveness:    1 /5
    Timeliness:    1 /5
    Price:    1 /5
    Overall Satisfaction:    1 /5
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Attorney Reviews

Review:     I am not happy with this attorney. I have paid him $4000 for my divorce. He did not fight for my daughter or me and I still don't have my final divorce papers yet and I have been divorce for 2 months now. It took 6 weeks for me to get my temporary orders and they were wrong. I can't get anyone at his office to call me back and I am unable to talk to him. I am definitely being given the run around and I am very upset about it!!! I would NOT recommend anyone using this law firm for anything!!!

Added on 2011-04-27

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